2017 Elgin Awards

I’m honored to announce that the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) has chosen yours truly to chair the 2017 Elgin Awards, presented annually for speculative poetry chapbooks and books published in the preceding two years. The Elgin Awards are named for Suzette Haden Elgin, who founded the SFPA in 1978.

Nominations can only be made by SFPA members; however, authors of nominated works need not be members. If you are not a member of the SFPA but know of a worthy book or chapbook that should be nominated for an Elgin Award, please let a member know about the book! Or better yet, join — SFPA membership is only $15 annually! The deadline to nominate is May 15.

Speculative poetry is defined as having elements of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, or any of the myriad of subgenres.

For more information about this, and other general SFPA information, please visit the website at www.sfpoetry.com.

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Published Works in 2016

I had 16 total published works in 2016. Aside from a collected-edition of my comic, Shamrock (which originally ran in Fantasy Scroll Magazine), I did not self-publish anything in 2016. Of those 16 published pieces, 1 was non-fiction, 4 were short stories, 8 were poems, and 3 were comics.

My crowning achievement and the work I am most proud of in 2016 is my essay, “Poems and Songs of The Hobbit,” published in Critical Insights: The Hobbit from Salem Press. In the essay, I argue that Tolkien’s poetry within The Hobbit is very purposeful; it supports the plot and gives depth to the characters. The poetry not only serves to show differences in characters, but also highlights the differences of the regions and races of Middle Earth. It was challenging but also a lot of fun to research and write the paper. I’m so completely honored to have my essay included in a book along with legendary Tolkien scholars such as John Rosegrant, Jason Fisher, and several others.

The amount of my poetry that finds publication is still somewhat bewildering to me. I’ve never really thought of myself as a poet in any way, but I do pen the occasional oddball poem, and I remain an active member in the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA).

I would like to see more of my short stories get published, and I have yet to crack the pro market (“pro” as per the SFWA guidelines), but I know that just means I have to buckle down, write more, and work harder.

Anyone who at least dabbles with writing knows that rejections is a big part of the game. I had 82 total rejections in 2016. Of those, 33 were rejections for short stories, and 49 were for poetry.

My most-rejected story was passed on 8 times in 2016. The same story was rejected 10 times in 2015, making for a total of 18 rejections for that story alone. Perhaps it is time to rip that one to pieces and start over (or maybe just throw it away).

And so without further ado, here it is, a full list of my published works in 2016. Here’s to 2017 — bring it on!


“Poems and Songs of The Hobbit
Critical Insights: The Hobbit
Salem Press, 2016


Skywarrior Books, 2016

“Valkyrie’s Quest”
Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy
Elder Signs Press, 2016

“Fits Like a Glove”
Under the Bed Vol. 04 No. 06
Fiction Magazines, 2016

“Republic of Masks”
Dystopian Express
Hydra Publications, 2016


“circuits for a brain”
Scifaikuest 54, November 2016

Illumen 25, Autumn 2016

“Milky Way”
FrostFire Worlds, August 2016

“Apocalypse Later”
Mithila Review, June 2016

“The Defiler”
Devolution Z, June, 2016

“Barking Trees”
Beechwood Review, Issue 2, 2016

“Foiled Again”
Star*Line issue 39.2, Spring 2016
Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2016

“what is the sound”
Star*Line issue 39.1, Winter 2016
Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2016


“Shamrock part 8: Illusion”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #13, 2016

“Shamrock part 7: Shadows”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #12, 2016

“Shamrock part 6: Perseverance”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #11, 2016

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2017 Rhysling Award Eligible Poems

With 2017 right around the corner, I wanted to throw out a quick blog post about some of my work that is eligible for the 2017 Rhysling Award.

You can find out more about the Rhysling here.

I only have a few for 2017, and they are all Short Form poems (0–49 lines) – check it out:

Apocalypse Later
Mithila Review, June 2016

circuits for a brain
Scifaikuest 54, November 2016

Foiled Again
Star*Line issue 39.2, Spring 2016

what is the sound
Star*Line issue 39.1, Winter 2016

The Defiler
Devolution Z, June, 2016

A Door Appeared / Teenage Insanity, July 2016

Illumen 25, Autumn 2016

Milky Way
FrostFire Worlds, August 2016

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“Ceremonies” Short Story in AlternaTeas

AlternaTeas from Skywarrior Books, edited by ElizaBeth Gilligan, is now available! It features my story “Ceremonies” — it’s an urban fantasy story about a Valkyrie from Minnesota, a ninja-vampire, and some tough-as-nails bikers.


Description: Sit back, have a cup of your favorite tea. As you drink, savor stories where the cup of tea is part of a lively undertaking. These stories range from the odd to the quirky, glorious adventures and desperate measures, new and lifelong friendships to treachery in a tea cup. Our stories are urban fantasy, steampunk and alternate histories. Prepare for the brilliant and bizarre.

anthology edited by ElizaBeth Gilligan

Table of Contents:

“Ceremonies” by Josh Brown
“Tea & Trickery” by Lillian Csernica
“Scot on the Rocks” by J.A. Campbell & Rebecca McFarland Kyle
“The 13th Car” by Jaq Greenspon
“Reading the Leaves” by Sheryl R. Hayes
“Cracked” by Carolyn Hill
“Pirate Tea” by Phyllis Radford Karr as Irene Radford
“A Proper Cuppa” by Pat MacEwen
“Tea Smoke” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“Tea Leaves” by Patricia G. Nagle
“The Care Taker” by Denise Robarge Tanaka
“Evolution and Juliet” by Don Webb
“The Buggered OWL” by Patricia H. MacEwen & ElizaBeth Gilligan

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“Valkyrie’s Quest” Short Story in Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy from Elder Signs Press is now available! It features my story “Valkyrie’s Quest” — a fun little yarn about being out of your element and putting your best foot forward even when it seems like the world is working against you.


Within this anthology, modern day witches and warlocks shape reality to their will. Creatures of legend make back-alley deals under cover of darkness. The city’s inhabitants encounter items and events imbued with mystic power. Because cities have a life—a magick—all their own.

Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Edited by: Charles P. Zaglanis

Table of Contents:
The Occasional Beast That is Her Soul by John Claude Smith
Bottles by James Dorr
Branded For Hell by James C. Simpson
Grounding a Mockingbird by D.H. Aire
Codex Veritas by Darrin Darin Kennedy
How to Beat a Haunting by Evan Osborne
Whatever the Moon Decides by Sherry Decker
Come Mr. Tally-man.by Eric Del Carlo
Death’s Harvest by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Children of God by Costi Gurgu
Valkyrie’s Quest by Josh Brown
Dragonfound by Steve Lewis
Miracle Worker by L. Chan
The Gift by Charles P. Zaglanis
Choose Your Own Excuse by Christine Daigle
Thy Soul to Him Thou Servest by Lee

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Poem in November 2016 Issue of Scifaikuest

My haiku/scifaiku/poem, “circuits for a brain,” is featured in the November 2016 issue of Scifaikuest.

Scifaikuest is a magazine specializing in scifaiku and other minimalist poetry forms forms, notably senryu, taibun, and tanka, as well as cinquains, fibonacci, etc. The magazine features poetry and articles. It is published quarterly by Alban Lake Publishing.

The featured poet for the November 2016 issue of Scifaikuest just happens to be my friend and very talented poet Christina Sng.


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Poem in Autumn 2016 Issue of Illumen

My poem, “Stardust,” is featured in the Autumn 2016 issue of Illumen.

Illumen is a print magazine of speculative poetry edited by Terrie Leigh Relf. It is published biannually by Alban Lake Publishing in perfect bound digest format. It contains speculative poetry, illustrations, articles, and reviews.

Illumen 25

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