Who are the 2017 Elgin Award Winners?


Expanded remarks and an overview from Our 2017 Elgin Awards Chair, Josh Brown.

Poetry is back, baby.

You may have seen the article recently in Publishers Weekly, “Is Poetry the New Adult Coloring Book?” I’ll admit I cringed a little at the headline, which would seem to suggest that poetry is just another passing fad, a fleeting “in the moment” kind of thing, when it’s not. Speculative poetry is nothing new, either, take Beowulf, or Paradise Lost, for example.

So yes, it would seem that poetry is back, but then again, did it ever go anywhere? Hasn’t it been right here with us all along? Personally, it’s difficult for me to see this in broad strokes, mostly because my “day job” grants me the honor and privilege of working with some of the very best poetry presses in the world. But yes, when I see the…

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