Published Works in 2016

I had 16 total published works in 2016. Aside from a collected-edition of my comic, Shamrock (which originally ran in Fantasy Scroll Magazine), I did not self-publish anything in 2016. Of those 16 published pieces, 1 was non-fiction, 4 were short stories, 8 were poems, and 3 were comics.

My crowning achievement and the work I am most proud of in 2016 is my essay, “Poems and Songs of The Hobbit,” published in Critical Insights: The Hobbit from Salem Press. In the essay, I argue that Tolkien’s poetry within The Hobbit is very purposeful; it supports the plot and gives depth to the characters. The poetry not only serves to show differences in characters, but also highlights the differences of the regions and races of Middle Earth. It was challenging but also a lot of fun to research and write the paper. I’m so completely honored to have my essay included in a book along with legendary Tolkien scholars such as John Rosegrant, Jason Fisher, and several others.

The amount of my poetry that finds publication is still somewhat bewildering to me. I’ve never really thought of myself as a poet in any way, but I do pen the occasional oddball poem, and I remain an active member in the Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA).

I would like to see more of my short stories get published, and I have yet to crack the pro market (“pro” as per the SFWA guidelines), but I know that just means I have to buckle down, write more, and work harder.

Anyone who at least dabbles with writing knows that rejections is a big part of the game. I had 82 total rejections in 2016. Of those, 33 were rejections for short stories, and 49 were for poetry.

My most-rejected story was passed on 8 times in 2016. The same story was rejected 10 times in 2015, making for a total of 18 rejections for that story alone. Perhaps it is time to rip that one to pieces and start over (or maybe just throw it away).

And so without further ado, here it is, a full list of my published works in 2016. Here’s to 2017 — bring it on!


“Poems and Songs of The Hobbit
Critical Insights: The Hobbit
Salem Press, 2016


Skywarrior Books, 2016

“Valkyrie’s Quest”
Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy
Elder Signs Press, 2016

“Fits Like a Glove”
Under the Bed Vol. 04 No. 06
Fiction Magazines, 2016

“Republic of Masks”
Dystopian Express
Hydra Publications, 2016


“circuits for a brain”
Scifaikuest 54, November 2016

Illumen 25, Autumn 2016

“Milky Way”
FrostFire Worlds, August 2016

“Apocalypse Later”
Mithila Review, June 2016

“The Defiler”
Devolution Z, June, 2016

“Barking Trees”
Beechwood Review, Issue 2, 2016

“Foiled Again”
Star*Line issue 39.2, Spring 2016
Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2016

“what is the sound”
Star*Line issue 39.1, Winter 2016
Science Fiction Poetry Association, 2016


“Shamrock part 8: Illusion”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #13, 2016

“Shamrock part 7: Shadows”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #12, 2016

“Shamrock part 6: Perseverance”
Fantasy Scroll Magazine #11, 2016

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