“Ceremonies” Short Story in AlternaTeas

AlternaTeas from Skywarrior Books, edited by ElizaBeth Gilligan, is now available! It features my story “Ceremonies” — it’s an urban fantasy story about a Valkyrie from Minnesota, a ninja-vampire, and some tough-as-nails bikers.


Description: Sit back, have a cup of your favorite tea. As you drink, savor stories where the cup of tea is part of a lively undertaking. These stories range from the odd to the quirky, glorious adventures and desperate measures, new and lifelong friendships to treachery in a tea cup. Our stories are urban fantasy, steampunk and alternate histories. Prepare for the brilliant and bizarre.

anthology edited by ElizaBeth Gilligan

Table of Contents:

“Ceremonies” by Josh Brown
“Tea & Trickery” by Lillian Csernica
“Scot on the Rocks” by J.A. Campbell & Rebecca McFarland Kyle
“The 13th Car” by Jaq Greenspon
“Reading the Leaves” by Sheryl R. Hayes
“Cracked” by Carolyn Hill
“Pirate Tea” by Phyllis Radford Karr as Irene Radford
“A Proper Cuppa” by Pat MacEwen
“Tea Smoke” by Kevin Andrew Murphy
“Tea Leaves” by Patricia G. Nagle
“The Care Taker” by Denise Robarge Tanaka
“Evolution and Juliet” by Don Webb
“The Buggered OWL” by Patricia H. MacEwen & ElizaBeth Gilligan

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