Shamrock #8 Reviewed in Quick Sip Reviews

Shamrock #8 – Illusion (featured in issue 13 of Fantasy Scroll Magazine) was reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews.

See below for the full review. Reviewer Charles Payseur says: “this series continues to be a blast to read”


“Shamrock Part 8 – Illusion” by Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez

I KNEW IT! [Maybe SPOILERS who knows at this point?!] That gloriously f*cking monkey monk! And okay, maybe nothing is confirmed yet but this comic continues to bring a smile to my face in all the best ways. It’s almost guaranteed that the last page, the last panel, is going to get me to make some strange exclamation and then curse the moon that I have to wait two more months for the next installment. But, ahem, perhaps I should actually talk a bit about this installment, which sees our hero in a bit of a dire situation, captured by that asshole Mullen with some dead allies in their wake and some serious guilt. I like the way that it’s building up Shamrock as always living with this burden of people dying around her. It’s very “hero’s journey” in the classic 90s sense only here it’s a trail of dead men whose deaths give Shamrock motivation and character depth and I dig the flipping the script in that regard. Also, bird people. I love this. I love that this is like “yeah there’s bird people now so what.” I love it so much. Because of course there are bird people and of course there are monkey monks and I can’t wait for like the crocodile bounty hunter to show up or werewolves to start hulking out and every time there’s something new that adds to the visual splendor of the world and creates memorable characters and scenarios. It’s almost funny that Shamrock herself at this point is growing skeptical that everyone seems to know her and there’s magic now and ALL THE THINGS! So yes, this series continues to be a blast to read and a great way to close out every issue. Definitely catch yourself up on this series if you haven’t!!!

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