Shamrock #7 Reviewed in Quick Sip Reviews

Shamrock #7 – Shadows (featured in Fantasy Scroll #12) was reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews.

See below for the full review. Reviewer Charles Payseur ends his review by stating that Shamrock is “Definitely a series to invest in!”


“Shamrock #7 – Shadows” by Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez

There is a “Ninja! Vanish!” line is this comic and orcs (basically) and flashbacks and things are looking pretty grim by the end but this is a much faster and action-packed chapter than the last few. Training gets a bit truncated as things break down into an old fashioned ninja fight and then everything levels up as the baddies get a bit more competent and Shamrock finds herself in a rather dire situation. This series continues to be a fun and rather nostalgic romp, filled with some tropes and conventions pulled out of older video games, comics, and television shows. I continue to love each new addition and the melding of all the various elements into one story, one setting. There are twists galore, and certain things that I almost hope are twists because it would make for a great scene later on but I guess I have to wait for that. Reading this comic in installments is an interesting experience, too. Each chapter reveals a little bit more of the world and of the backstory while pushing forward with the main quest and visiting a number of different locations and ideas. There’s certainly video game logic to a lot of what’s going on (or perhaps I should amend that to there’s a toy franchise feel to a lot of what’s going on), with new villains and allies popping up. The next level might be all water and mermaids and evil paranha men or an air level with bird people and sentient winds (though I suspect the actual next level will be gladiator themed given the hint of the fighting pits). But it’s an aesthetic and logic that works, that’s familiar and yet leaves room for great original visuals and ideas. As always, the comic is both the first thing I read when a new Fantasy Scroll issue drop sas well as what I reread at the end. Definitely a series to invest in!

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