“Republic of Masks” in Dystopian Express

My first published fiction of 2016!

I have a short story titled “Republic of Masks” included in the dystopian-themed anthology Dystopian Express from Hydra Publications. It’s a wonderful collection and includes stories from some great up-and-coming as well as established indie writers.

My story, “Republic of Masks,” imagines a future society in which citizens take to wearing masks as a way to rebel against a government that becomes overzealous with surveillance. However, the purpose of the masks morphs into something different, which, in turn, leads society down a twisted path that ends up… well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out!


Table of Contents

Friending, Gregory L. Norris
Republic of Masks, Josh Brown
Greater Good, Jeff Provine
An Unfettered Life, C. Bryan Brown
Surrender, Bob Brown
The Hating, Nigel Anthony Sellars
The Unbinding, M. P. Neal
Cohort 17, Val Muller
Data Crabs, Deborah Walker
The First Price, Benjamin Sperduto
Jötnar, Colonel D. R. Acula
Fudgesickles, Brick Marlin
Scarecrow, Scarecrow on the Hill, Tracy Fahey
The Unnaturals, Michael J. Epstein
Fit to Rule, Stephanie Neilan
When the Wind Blows, Pam Farley
Invisible People, James Dorr
Twenty-One Seconds, Ian Neack
Finding Chidera, Dave Creek

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