Shamrock #6 Reviewed in Quick Sip Reviews

Shamrock #6 – Perseverance (featured in Fantasy Scroll #11) was reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews.

See below for the full review. Reviewer Charles Payseur says “…everything works to be fun and compelling,” and ends his review with: “More of this, please!”


“Shamrock #6 – Perseverance” by Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez

[SPOILERS I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY NOT TO] OH MY GOD NINJAS! Just when I thought that this comic was reaching peak 90s (the monkey monks are amazing and take center stage in this chapter), things go even further and the last panel of this chapter has me SO EXCITED for the next installment. And I have to wait 2 months?! Not fair! Ahem. Right, well I suppose I should actually speak for this chapter of the comic, though, which starts out with a nice flashback before re-establishing Shamrock doing some training with her new allies. The comic is great at capturing a feel of cartoons-meet-live-action (90s and maybe even 80s Saturday morning cartoons mixed with 90s Xena/Beast Master/Hercules) and makes no apologies about being about the fun. Here we have a classic training moment where Shamrock gets a nugget of wisdom from the master monkey monk (yes I just wrote that and that’s why I love this comic) with a fun moment with Ruarc and a butterfly. Things are just sort of building nicely, and this is a slower chapter. Which is fine, in part because next chapter promises to be AMAZING AND ALL THE ACTION. Seriously, nostalgia levels are threatening to overwhelm me and I just like the mix of elements here, the characterization of Shamrock and the fluid movement of the art and just everything works to be fun and compelling. Indeed. More of this, please!

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