Tales of Kerlow (new webcomic)

I’m happy to announce a new webcomic, Shamrock: Tales of Kerlow, which will be running at Tapastic. It’s written by me, with full-color art by Linda Roze. The webcomic is set thirty years before the main Shamrock series (featured bi-monthly in Fantasy Scroll Magazine). A little background on the concept of the new series…

In Part 3 (“Fury Uncaged”), we learn that King Lorcan’s motivations are driven by his desire to find some sort of legendary enchanted emerald.


So what exactly is the “Emerald of Creation”? Well, one of the captured villagers explains it as a green stone used by Fionalinn, goddess mother of the Dagda, to actually create the enchanted land of Kerlow.


Previously thought to be just a legend, this particular emerald stone is said to offer great and powerful magic to whomever wields it. Lorcan, whose thirst for power is unyielding, naturally wants it for himself.


Shamrock knows what she must do…


So without further ado, here are the first two pages of our webcomic:

Kerlow Creation 1

Kerlow Creation 2

These pages are also available to view at Tapastic.

Read the entire story of the main series (so far) here:
Part 1: “Shamrock Part 1”
Part 2: “Shamrock Part 2”
Part 3: “Shamrock Part 3”
Part 4: “Shamrock Part 4”
Part 4: “Shamrock Part 5”

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