Street Magick ToC Announced

I’m excited to announce that my story “Valkyrie’s Quest” will be included in a new urban fantasy anthology titled Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy out this Fall from Elder Signs Press. The anthology is edited by Charles P. Zaglanis. My story is about a former Valkyrie now living among the mortals in Midgard. It’s a humorous tale that finds the main character wondering if preparing for Ragnarok might have actually been easier than trying to juggle her family life on Earth. The story draws on Norse mythology, and I’ll admit the main character is loosely based on my own wife, who is a beautiful and bad-ass woman of Scandinavian heritige. See below for the full table of contents.

Street Magick: Tales of Urban Fantasy

The Occasional Beast That is Her Soul by John Claude Smith
Bottles by James Dorr
Branded For Hell by James C. Simpson
Grounding a Mockingbird by D.H. Aire
Codex Veritas by Darrin Darin Kennedy
How to Beat a Haunting by Evan Osborne
Whatever the Moon Decides by Sherry Decker
Come Mr. Eric Del Carlo
Death’s Harvest by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Children of God by Costi Gurgu
Valkyrie’s Quest by Josh Brown
Dragonfound by Steve Lewis
Miracle Worker by L. Chan
The Gift by Charles P. Zaglanis
Choose Your Own Excuse by Christine Daigle
Thy Soul to Him Thou Servest by Lee Zumpe
In a Witching Minute by Tara Moeller

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  1. Awesome, congrats! 🙂

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