Shamrock part 5 Reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews

Shamrock – Part 5 – Monkey Business (featured in Fantasy Scroll #10) was reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews.

See below for the full review. Reviewer Charles Payseur calls it “…a fun and rather nostalgic fantasy comic,” and goes on to say it is “…a classic story of good vs. evil, one that manages an earnest tone and provides a solidly entertaining read.”


“Shamrock Part 5: Monkey Business” by Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez

Well, he might not have a skull for a head, but we finally get to see King Lorcan in this installment of Shamrock and he does look pretty evil. I mean, he shows up glowering over a cauldron of some sort and really just sells his first appearance. Meanwhile Mullet (damn, I mean Mullen) continues with his douchey self, and all this on just the first page. It’s quite nice to catch a glimpse of the bad guy, though, and to get a sense of foreboding about what might soon be waiting for Shamrock. And as the first part of a new chapter, the story is kind of a slow one. At least, there’s not a lot of fighting going on. Instead, the world gets a bit better explained and some events are put into context while Lorcan and his evil are explained a bit more. A yeah, that first glance judgement of him was completely accurate. He’s killed Shamrock’s family as well as hordes of monkey-people in his quest for domination, and he doesn’t look to stop there. This chapter specifically sees Shamrock with some of these mentioned monkey-people as she learns more about her quest and discovers what she needs to do next (I’m looking forward to a training montage!). But the series continues to be interesting and to build up the world and the characters. Lorcan was in need of showing up to solidify his villain, and that’s exactly what happens. After introducing Shamrock herself over the first four installments, this new chapter looks to establish the world and the other characters (allies and villains both). Even without much action, the world building is strong and the exposition handled well, and there’s a feeling of both sides preparing for a rematch. It’s a fun and rather nostalgic fantasy comic. The art is fantastic as always and the plot continues to build. It’s a classic story of good vs. evil, one that manages an earnest tone and provides a solidly entertaining read. Looking forward to more!

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