Shamrock part 4 Reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews

Shamrock – Part 4 – Hero’s Scream (featured in Fantasy Scroll #9) was reviewed on Quick Sip Reviews.

See below for the full review. Reviewer Charles Payseur offers a favorable review and states that Alberto’s “art really sells it.”


“Shamrock – Part 4 – Hero’s Scream” by Josh Brown and Alberto Hernandez

Shamrock rockets to the end of its first chapter with its fourth installment, which starts out with a short but well executed fight between the titular hero and Mullet–I mean Mullen, henchman extraordinaire. The moment where Mullen realizes the full implications of who he is fighting is done well and the art really sells it, building up tension for what is sure to be a rather large plot line going forward. The end of the chapter wraps up nicely the small matter of the captured villagers, as well as establishes some more of Shamrock’s motivations and past. It also solidifies the path forward, the questions that need answering, and teases a bit of things to come. The main villain remains saved for later, which only makes me more curious to know what his deal is (also what he looks like. Does he have a skull for a head?). There was perhaps a certain lack of death-by-tiger this chapter, but I imagine that it happened all off-panel, as by the time Mullen runs off there are no more slaver-minions left, leading me to imagine piles of dead bodies lurking just out of sight. The series continues to be appropriate for readers of all ages, though, staying true to a more classic fantasy aesthetic and plot. As I am a child of the days when fantasy hero + animal companion was all the rage, this works out well for me. All that’s required now is a mischievous weasel or something to round out the adventuring party. The first chapter played things pretty close to home, though, and I’m super excited to see the scope of the story pull back to reveal more of the setting and more characters. For this chapter, it solidifies Shamrock’s mindset and competence by giving her a small victory, and leaves a tantalizing trail of breadcrumbs to follow forward into the next chapter. Always a treat!

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