The Martian Wave 2015 – available for pre-order

The Martian Wave 2015 pre-sale has begun, and will officially be available in both print and electronic on August 15.

My story, “Binaurals,” is a trippy tale that examines what drug use might look like in a futuristic society.

For the moment, the only place to pre-order the print book is directly through the Nomadic Delirium website at:

Amazon and other retailers will have the book in the weeks to come. The Kindle version is available at:

Table of contents is as follows:

From an Unnamed Rock by Jerry L. Robinette
On the Bridge by Matthew Spence
Mars Ride Along by EJ Shumak
I’ll Take the Moon by Andrew L. MacDonald
Red Sleepers by T. Fox Dunham
I’m a Little Teapot… by Robert P. Hansen
Greenie by David Castlewitz
Uhlanga Regio by Glen R. Stripling
Binaurals by Josh Brown
Fathers of Mars by David Wright
Earth Camp by Alicia Cole
The Tulku of Titan by Mike Morgan

Rip van Winkle on Mars by David C Kopaska-Merkel
The Star Chaser by Christina Sng
Observations From The Black Ball Line Between Deimos And Callisto by Alexandra Erin
Within a Flotsam Web by WC Roberts
Like A Drunken Cosmonaut by Alan Ira Gordon
A Star-Struck Night by Robert P. Hansen
Some Things Come Unbidden by Lisa Timpf

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