Hunt the Winterlands

First printed a few years ago, Hunt the Winterlands has now been revamped, reworked, cleaned-up, and updated for eBook distribution.

The print version of the book has also been re-edited and the interior layout has been completely redone.

Hunt the Winterlands is a dark fantasy anthology featuring bone-chilling tales from K. N. Porter, Kurt Wilcken, Nate Barlow, Josh Brown, Gina Wood, Michael May, Alex Ness, Joe Monks, and Marc N. Kleinhenz. That gorgeous cover is by the insanely talented Scott P. Vaughn. This is some seriously awesome talent, and I am humbled and honored to be among this crew!

9b51b8d815fc571a7d9d3f6a33b86f2bbbba3bffThe concept of the book is simple: nine authors working in a shared-universe sandbox; a universe that is dark, grim, cold, and scary.

The official description is: Long ago in distant lands, a great explosion struck the heart of the Daggar Mountain range, causing every race and city, as well as nearly all animal and plant life, to collapse. Seven-hundred years later, few dare dare to venture into the Winterlands. It is a cold and desolate place, but those creatures and races with a keen mind and strong will are able to find a way to survive.

The book is now available on Kindle and at Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play Books, Scribd, Nook, and all other major eBooks vendors.

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